Cradle for Nature


Planted in October 1991

Species: Alder, Pine, Oak, Rowan, Field Maple, Quickthorn

Three small plots (100m x 100m each) spread across the site. About 460 trees were planted in total: half the holes dug by hand whilst the rest were done using a mechanical post-hole auger.

The plots were named after Svetla Gentcheva, a Bulgarian scientist who was working with Martin.

Quickthorn (hawthorn) was also planted to provide hardy protection around the edges, but as it didn't grow quickly it didn't protect - it just savages us to this day whenever we try to measure them!


Year 1:

Year 2:

Year 3:

Year 5:

Year 10:
April 2002 - measured late.

Other comments:
20 year measurement carried out in 2011.