Cradle for Nature


Planted in December 1991

Species: Alder, Pine, Oak, Rowan, Field Maple, Quickthorn

234 trees were planted in December 1991 whilst a further 234 were planted in April 1992. The control plot was notch-planted and these trees came in pots.

Alders are quick growing, fix nitrogen into the soil, and take up the excess water. Pines act as nursemaids for the oak (which is expected to be the final part of the succession on the site). Rowan was planted around the edge because it is a hardy local species. Quickthorn (hawthorn) was also used for a hardy protection, but it didn't grow quickly.

This plot was named after the nursery that supplied the trees. Booseys in Cheshire supplied pot-grown trees to British Coal etc. They wanted to compare container-grown stock with bare-root, presumably for reclamation schemes. So it was ideal for Martin & them to have the trials as Booseys supplied the trees & Martin and the volunteers provided the labour.


Year 1:
The plantings got very wet & suffered from non-sheep nibbling damage. Hares and/or squirrels were suspected so rabbit-proof fencing was put around the plots.

Year 2:

Year 3:

Year 5:

Year 10:
April 2002 - measured late.

Other comments:
20 year measurement carried out in 2011.