Cradle for Nature

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Diary - 2020

December : Concentrating on publication work

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic none of the group has visited our trees at Varteg this year.

Martin continues to be busy writing various papers and also found time to move house successfully.

In December Martin, Pat and Kip had an article published in Conservation Land Management (Winter 2020 Vol. 18 No. 4) about the idea of a new wildlife corridor for South Wales, drawing on our experiences with and results from planting trees on the opencast coal-lands at Varteg.

Back in May 2020 after many months of work our 'From Cradle to Grove' paper was published in Minerals 10(461):1-28. This evaluates our 'Cradle for Nature' strategy over many years of experiments. See our Documents section to download a copy.