Cradle for Nature

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Diary - 2018

July : Various surveys and measuring

This summer we measured Mansi's plot of trees (planted in November 2007) so that some comparisons could be made with the use of fertiliser on planting.

Kip led a mammal survey using various methods, including searching for any signs of mammals using the site and deploying trail cameras and footprint tunnels. Many prints of wood mice/voles and possibly shrews were found, mainly in the tunnels on the ground, rather than on the tree branches but all the animals were camera-shy. Perhaps the most surprising find was of a wing and leg of what was later identified as a Helmeted Guinea Fowl, possibly caught by a fox.

Ben conducted some aerial surveys using drones, Mike's plot was measured and Willie and Susan talked to the locals in Blaenavon about publicity for the site, including ideas for information at the Heritage Centre and a board at the site.